What Is Pretty Awful Web Series?

Pretty Awful is an original short web series following the lives of two delusional millennials who would rather save a Kardashian than an endangered animal. Self-centered, hedonistic, and self-proclaimed fashionistas, Gwenifer and Natashley are traversing the rough waters of young adulthood through poetry slams, dating entire bands, and doing as many whip-its as possible. Releasing […]

Daily Dot Review

“There are a lot of shows that feature awful people doing awful things, but new webseries Pretty Awful offers two new entries for the title of Worst Person. The three-episode series was created by Austin comedian Amber Bixby and Dustin Svehlak, who runs production company Voltaic Video. Fellow Austin comedian Katie Pengra plays the expletive-spewing […]

Pretty Awful Review from Justin Yandell

The day we premiered the first episode of Pretty Awful online, I received an email from someone that attended the premiere a couple days prior. ┬áJustin Yandell has seemingly supported our web series since the day we announced it on Facebook and he wrote the review below on his own accord and sent it to […]