Pretty Awful Web Series – Season 1 Premiere at The Highball Austin

pretty awful highball premiere
Pretty Awful Web Series has been lucky enough to secure an AWESOME Season 1 Premiere at The Highball Austin. This is the wonderful event space attached to the new Alamo Drafthouse South Lamar location. It’s totally free and will be kicking off at 8pm on February 15th. There will be games, prizes, and stand up comedy from the cast, including Lisa Friedrich, Maggie Maye, Avery Moore, and Rob Gagnon. Not to mention a screening of Pretty Awful Season 1 (don’t worry, it will only be about 30 minutes total, so you won’t be giving up much if you totally hate it. But you won’t.)! The whole evening will be hosted by Natashley and Gwenifer, the main characters of the series. Don’t miss out on the free Pretty Awful swag that will be given out to the first 50 attendees!